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Weapons & Ordnance

Guns & explosives used mainly by the military in combat operations, in training and home guard defense. Anything weapon or explosive carried in the field deemed essential for completion of the mission by all nations; Mauser Rifle; K-98, G33-40, K-43, G-43, MP-8, M-38, MP-40, MP44, Volksgewehr, MG-34, MG-42, P-08 Luger, Walther, P-38, PP, PPK, Steyr, VIS 1935, Radom, P-35, High Power, Stick Grenade, Hand Grenade, Stielhandgrante-24, StiGr43, CZ, CZ 24, CZ 27, CZ 38, FN Browning, M1922, M1935, M1935A, Unique 16, Unique 17, Kriegsmodell, Beretta, Astra, Star, Femaru, HSC, 38H; US (US ARMY) weapons and explosives; 1903 Springfield, Model 03, 1901-A3, 1903-A4, M-1 Carbine, M1A, M-1 Garand, Thompson Sub-Machine Gun, SMG, M1A1, Model 1921, Model 1928, BAR, Browning Automatic Rifle, M1917, Model 1911, Model 1911-A1, Victory Model, USMC, SOS, Airborne, Ranger, Winchester, IBM, Colt, S&W, Saginaw, Inland, Auto Ordnance, Singer, Ithaca, Rock-Ola, Quality Hardware, National Postal Meter, Irwin Pedersen, Standard Products, Springfield Armory, 1909 Colt Revolver, Savage, Remington-Rand, Ithaca, Service Model Ace, Colt Pocket Auto, National Match

German 1943 Mod. K98 Rifle by Gustloff Werke "bcd"

DSC04315 Mid-War Wehrmacht issue K98 code bcd for "Gustloff Werke, Weimar" and dated 43; 7.92mm, All milled parts, all blued finish; most parts numbered and ALL numbers match; WaA749 on some parts, dark unmarked laminated stock, un-molested screws & a bright bore. This is an early serial number range bcd43 without letter suffix; barrel marked avk; buttplate marked bpr & WaA497 (1942&43); Comes with its original cleaning rod and checkered-pattern dark brown leather sling, minty having 99% finish remaining -SOLD (C&R or FFL Required)



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